XBOX 360 – Brutal Power in Elegant Look

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19 August 2022
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Combining the exasperating 20 GB of hardware memory with a stylish design is the main characteristic of the irresistible Xbox 360.

Let’s put a word about the design. The front of the Xbox 360 is covered in 11.5 GB of beautiful graphics. The wireless controller has impressive Bluetooth capabilities and works up to 50 feet away and up to 100 feet further. There are various versions of Xbox 360, including smaller, 20 GB and 60 GB models. The latter represents the two configurations that have been most popular. The Xbox 360 is perilously priced at 300 dollars for the less-expensive 4GB version and at 400 dollars for the 60 GB version. The 4000 Microsoft points version comes with more memory, a higher-definition Blu-ray optical drive, built-in Wi-Fi capability, and flashcard readers.

The aesthetic appeal of the Xbox 360 is its WWarily inspired by theClassic Microsoft PC style. The glossy topaz with chunky chrome ring is the only thing that keeps the wireless controller from looking like your Wild West camping gear. (Please ignore the Wi-Fi functionality – this is a real pain!)

Vader please.

The size of the Xbox 360 is other thing that makes it immediately more attractive that it’s more powerful and faster than the Lite. The 360 has huge memory capacity with alas of 20 GB that could be sufficient to store every file a developer dreams of. Yes, that’s right, every title you’ve ever cared about is in the 360’s massive hard drive memory. And the Xbox 360 can also be upgraded 2x to 200 GB by use of a USB flash drive. There’s also a 250 GB version that comes preloaded with high definition TV shows and movies.

Alienware – the favourite gaming Accret manufacturer has finally got around to releasing its fourth incarnation of its gaming laptop ( ) – “The Alienware laptop X benchtop PC”.ally and having only 8GB memory, it’s not really expecting to be used for anything else.

The Alienware series embraced both 2.4 GHz dual core processors and 2GB of RAM with a Graphics processing unit (GPU) that’s capable of roughly 23MP image processing with a more than decent 56 shader units.

The latest iteration now sits somewhere between the XPS andPS3 on price, but what it doesn’t have that the others do, is a Blu-Ray optical drive. While this is perhaps inconvenient, it would have been a surprise feature, given that most high end computers already had Blu-Ray drives. Also, the fact that it’s a laptop makes it no exception to having an Alienware gaming laptop.

The Alienware gaming laptop line is expanding from quad core to apparently even a i7-2630QM Quad Core Extreme with Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz. For the record, your mileage may vary somewhat depending on the brand of CPU you get. However, given that this is an i7 CPU, it’s no surprise seeing a overclocked Quad Core coming out soon.

Alienware certainly knows how to make a high end gaming laptop, given its extensive range of motherboards and maximum memory i